Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can a grab truck carry?

A: Grab trucks can legally carry up to 16 tonnes on the road. This equates to between 12-15 cubic metres of waste, depending on the type of material

Q: Can a grab truck load over a wall or fence?

A: Yes, as long as the driver is able to put the vehicle close to the wall or fence in question and is comfortably able to see the material to be loaded

Q: How far can the crane on a grab truck reach?

A: All our vehicles have a maximum reach of 8 metres

Q: How much headroom does a grab truck need?

A: A minimum of 3.8 metres is needed for the grab truck to pass under, however an additional 2 metres at least is required to operate the crane

Q: How wide is a grab truck?

A: Our grab trucks are approximately 3 metres wide, however we would recommend a total clearance of 3.5 metres as a minimum entrance size

Q: How long will it take to load the grab truck?

A: As long as the waste material is organized in one place, it should take only between 15-30 minutes

Q: Where should I put the waste material ready for collection?

A: Choose an area where the driver can easily pull up alongside. Also make sure there are no low overhanging tree branches or cables that will prevent the driver from being able to load

Q: How much notice do i need to give when booking a grab truck?

A: We can accommodate an urgent booking made on the same day, however we would recommend that you give us 48 hours notice if you require a specific delivery time, to avoid disappointment

Q: Is there any waste you cannot dispose of?

A: We are licensed to transport and dispose of all types of non-hazardous waste, however at JLS Haulage we cannot dispose of the following: